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by Shuulak

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Willem Verhappen
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Willem Verhappen Shuulak might be one of the best kept secrets of the Dutch heavy scene, but I hope Rebis will change that. This record has the heavy riffing and crushing sound of modern heavy metal, mixed with the operatic vocals and haunting melody of epic doom metal, making for a fresh and engaging listen. If you like quality heavy metal, you need to check this out! Favorite track: Rebis.
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Never wound what you can’t kill as if mere flesh would hold sheer will nothing ventured, nothing gained pure ambition won’t be tamed magic needs but a knife and nimble fingers slowly weaving the spell thus miracles are made to claim what’s always lain inside gifts of flesh - bodies unravel in gifts of flesh - endlessly revel in what’s pouring forth unto infinity hands to carve, eyes to see each cut decries a false decree unlock the book bound in skin the universe slumbers within one need only turn the key to claim what’s always lain inside there it lies, bereft of form its cover cracked, its pages torn there is nothing more open, the gates lie open sweet essence flowing seep through the cracks between the worlds
Unholy Fire 04:12
obey your sire and take up arms reclaim the shards of night indwelling shadows listen close the flames are calling us gather around me - no need to hide no child akin to night need ever tremble remember what they called you by near forgotten names arisen to dominion all legends put to shame alight the cleansing pyres unholy fire only flames remain to die now nothing but cries our choir make mere blackened bones mere blackened bones will pave the roads we travel ordained to desolation so ends the time of man the nights of blood and worship will be ours once again alight the cleansing pyres unholy fire only flames can not die if it should please me - I will burn oh I’ll burn the world bear witness to a blooddrenched dawn what can’t burn - the seas will swallow before long - the tales of man will fade from memory unholy fire only flames remain to die ever skyward raising pyres oh but our work won’t be done ‘til the world’s in flames
the final word was spoken sundering the skies here at the end of things where Death has come to die found the light await its sacrifice oh it begs me to strike I must reign alone ascend the Midnight Throne where lies the dying light to be the last when time was born fate depraved our one desire we are cast into eternity alone where lies the dying light as my hands douse the sun ever again we’ll have only this moment and so I have become unwilling heir to a lightless kingdom
Live Again 03:31
you’re mad they say nothing but ridicule me their minds too small to understand nature will bow down all that’s left behind nothing but a flawed design what I offer is so much more now live again all pain now gone never to return know that death will never go where I plan to take you don’t ask me to let you go
Nigredo 01:46
Little lamb white as snow Your shepherd calls You need to go home A virgin heart Give to us
A hunter’s moon at summer’s end Calls to those that dwell unseen Time to harvest yet again The bitter fruit is soon picked clean Eyes turned towards the skies Never see the barren earth Pray for miracles What is dead cannot give birth Rites of blood Salting the land - sowing lies Leaves nothing to reap except grapes of wrath So much is spilled by those who always thirst Come harvest time each cup will overflow Fields bathing in gold of a setting sun Lie waiting for the rain to fall A world at rest holds its breath
The Meek 03:57
Bloody creatures born anew Only the choicest skins will do To be deserving of the touch of the divine Working fingers to the bone Craft what fever dreams have shown Quicken the stitches Running out of time A swarm of bodies twisting around the fire Grisly puppets dancing on a string The meek must serve the strong Not bound by right or wrong Weep not for lives now spent Serving a higher calling Too blind to see The masses cry So content to kneel Paying tribute with their lives And so is made with final breath A masterpiece transcending death The crowning glory to adorn magnificence Only heretics sow doubt Dare to question the devout Now obey the hand that feeds Blessed to be the one to bleed
Albedo 00:55
Thy will is done Tell me why can’t I hear You? Oh Nameless One - Call my name I have been waiting All the things done in Your name Am I betrayed now? Is this the punishment for shame? Will I be saved now?
The Chosen 03:52
Righteous Pious Zealous The men conspire The first to arrive Must be the one Praying Begging For something to lead their tiny steps astray For others to befall this fate The innocence of children A thousand games to play Holding hands they’re running home They’re only children Children running home Now hush my dears Don’t you shed a tear Not for the chosen In the dark below Where you must go Heaven awaits you all Everlasting glory It would not be fair If not all your friends could share The innocence of children A thousand games to play Holding hands There’s not long to wait Won’t you just try to be brave? Now behold Eternity unfold
So very young - Eyes full of worship Willing to sacrifice their hearts Before the gods - Awaiting judgment Take everything - It’s ours to take Pure innocence the sweetest taste All we demand The simplest of pleasures Richly deserved - For offers made Weaned on honeyed dreams To yield the most succulent meat Fed darkling notions Aligned to devotion The mind is so easily ruled Take everything - It’s ours to take Pure innocence - the sweetest taste Nigh devoured all - it’s not enough Could anything sate this hunger? Echoes fill these empty halls Left in shadows of things long since dead It has grown so strong Only wanting more On the altar of gods Feast on the innocence long lost On the altar of gods Take what is owed to us
Chaosborn 03:58
Rise to rebellion The ramparts have fallen A chance to end it all Annihilation in our wake Without dread no more enslaved Found that nothing can hold us Only the brave dare pay the price Can make the final sacrifice The universe awaits the chaosborn Rip the veil Rooting out the lies Pierce the heart illusion hides Life and death were left to drown Cast upon a lightless shore Reality lies torn Its tyranny no more Chaosborn Only cowardice could tempt us to fight the rushing waves A universe swallowed by the rising tide Swept away As all is swept away It’s time to wake Awake from madness
Citrinitas 01:08
The maiden’s dead Her heart was red And no one wept Frail and cold Her child unborn Alone she bled Her heart was red
Ancient Sins 04:47
Don’t you fear - We’re with you till the end Stay with you - To hear your last breath Always crave an end to endless torment Shallow graves won’t keep their dead Follow our voices Never leave you - leave you sane Ancient sins Tales of miracles - Of heavens reward Stolen innocence died at the feet of the lord Sent below into darkness with but a promise And we were desperate to believe You heard our cries - left us to die Curse your vanity - Servant to lies Your robes of wisdom Nothing more than a disguise Madness never ends - time to confess Won’t you come with us Lay down to rest There is no forgiveness No forgiveness at all We promised you We’d be with you till the end We promised you We’d lead you to your rest Now take our hand Leave this world behind Take our hand Follow us below
Revelation What’s prophesied will only find denial Unwillingness to see it done Corruption must be rooted out Yet the human heart is plagued by doubt Let go - Be shaped anew Shed this old skin This worthless skin It won’t find use again Welcome sweet salvation Surrender all to know everlasting life Scourge of aeons arise Now it approaches The secrets to ascending the mundane Are heard as whispers in its wake Foretold what’s now made true Let go - Shaped anew The moment has come Radiant one Show us the way The moment has come Now as one we will obey Hear us - Come to us Heal us - Deliver us Hear us - Come to us From beyond the realms of man Heal us - Deliver us We die by thy command
Rubedo 00:53
Awake and asleep I hear it always now A siren call across an endless ocean I will know all - Be all And so I will be nothing So little of me is left now Pieces of a gilded chain forged by my own hands Once proudly displayed as my greatest work - it is falling apart Cheapened gold in poor imitation of the sun Broken links jingling notes of discord I am grateful The anchor kept me safe But now I am ready to set out I need only let go
The Azoth 04:27
Won’t let the prize elude me It’s just within my grasp Join the moon and the midnight sun As above, so below I need to know Show me everything Come alive in my hands Come alive - Turn lead to gold Seed of my creation The Azoth - Azoth Rife with ruination The Azoth - Azoth calls Mercury my guide Sulphur now alight Knowledge is mine Into the abyss nature falls away Shatter each piece I am unmade It calls
The Azoth II 02:47
Join the moon and midnight sun All things opposed made one As above, so below I need to know The Azoth calls - the Azoth I bear these wounds on my soul Witness that I tried to turn ash into gold Mercury my guide Sulphur now alight Brought fire to my eyes Wasn’t that enough? As nature falls away Into the abyss - I am unmade Piece by piece - I am unmade
Rebis 05:45
Glorious Death - Thy will be done Heralds of Death - We’ve become By our hands - Thy will be done Out of the void - Call on to Thee Legions untold - To Victory Golden Dawn - Made eternal Evermore Thy reign unending Makes all divided as one A vision made divine of a world that might be A flawless Paradise - An end to disease Our hands will make the world a grave As light will surely fade Fulfill Thy promise made The first and last embrace - Death eternal All the world must kneel before Thee Praise the one who’s crowned On a burial mound When life’s great anarchy is brought to heel by entropy As mountains fall - dust is all Aeons slow down to a crawl Only then is fate fulfilled When even time itself lies still So it ends - Stillness comes Nothing left to be undone Nothing to fear - Silence awaits Suffer no more


released December 24, 2021


all rights reserved



Shuulak NB, Netherlands

Eyes aglow with the fires of metal, Shuulak fervently desire to stoke its flames. Through solid songwriting they wish to give voice to things that thrive amidst discordant melodies and distorted guitars. Their songs tell of mans hunger to do great and glorious things only to see them end in death and depravity. ... more


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